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how do I tear up a t shirt to make look femanine for a church conference? Answered

I am singing on the praise team and we are wearing the thing I hate the most a man's tee! I ordered mine 2 sizes too big so that I could cut it up and make it look femanin


I've seen gals re-tailor the neckline of a T to expose more of the neck and upper chest. I think I've also seen them remove the sleeves. I suppose you could also do something with a decorative cut along the bottom edge, if you're going to wear it out rather than tucked in. But I'm the wrong gender to give any more specific advice than "Find a similar garment, look at how it's cut, figure out how to cut and fold and re-hem the T-shirt into something similar." I'm not sure buying oversize is going to turn out to be the right answer unless you already had something specific in mind.... which it sound like you don't. Before you start cutting, make sure whoever's leading the group is OK with your proposed alterations. Otherwise you may find that they really want a unified look and your choices are to drop off the team or buy another shirt. Good luck.

That seem like a contradiction to me - cutting a tee shirt to make it more feminine for church. Anyway good luck. the first answer seems good to me.

scrunching the excess t into a knot in the front, either middle or to the side can be anything from daring to down-right go-to-hell-sexpot feminine! Drop one side of the neck of the t over one shoulder for that a-symmetrical look.. Works well with a crucifix belly-button jewellery (and satan's tail, behind) !