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how do I thread a Glass Bottle? Answered

Just wondering if anyone knows how to Thread a glass bottle, or make it Leak proof if I drilled a hole into the bottom or something and put something inside the hole to make it not leak while having it be a thread at the same time, just things like that.

Of course I do not want to make it look sloppy either. Just dont know if anyone knows a possible way to do so.



i really dont know why no one has said something like a threaded fitting with a nut like what kiteman said which I think is a tank fitting, and just put a O ring on both sides but find one with a internal thread as well, and then on top of that seal it from the outside via the Nut part with plumbers tape or glue as it wont be in the inside as well as wont be touching any of the fluid.

Also food-safe adhesives do not matter, it can contaminate my fluid.

I am confused, here you say:

Also food-safe adhesives do not matter, it can contaminate my fluid

but than later you wrote:

Forcefedflesh (author) says: Apr 3, 2013. 3:52 AM eply Nope I do not want to have my tubing as the seal. and I do not want to use Silicon or sugru which will contaminate my fluid

don't worry about it, no one simply said use a bulkhead/locknut with a rubber O ring, you guys are trying a bit too hard to make something simple as what I just literitally said to make it leak proof.

maybe nickle to quarter size. Not positive yet as I need to know what connectors and fittings I need so dont worry about the hole size XD.

They're easy to make, if you can get someone with a lathe to make them for you. They can be stainless steel that way.

yeah, cant get someone with a lathe to make one, and its just a idea im thinking of doing atm later down the line. But i want to make sure I can leave it on without leaking 24/7 pretty much.

thats if thats even possible, as it needs to seal and have a inner thread as well.

1) It may be possible to thread glass, but you'll need a special purpose diamond or silicon-carbine tap.

2) There are food-safe adhesives, which is what you should be using.

3) you can either glue in a barb fitting to attach a hose externally, or you could glue a threaded insert in your drilled hole.

I want to use a fitting to connect tubing to it, also dont worry about the liquid, I just need to figure out a way to make it not leak from the hole, but seal it while being able to attack a Outer threaded fitting to it at the same time. As it will be a Alcohol bottle, and they are not TOO thick on the bottom where I plan to drill it as in the actual bottom of the bottle.

well pretty much, I drill hole, I need something to connect a fitting to the hole but it also has to not leak at the hole and since I doubt theres a way to thread glass I need something to go in the bottle to act as a seal where the hole is drilled while also having threads In the Inside so inner threads on the seal so I can attach a fitting to it.

There are things in the UK called "tank fittings", but they are usually for pipes 1/2 and 3/4 inch in diameter.

I think you're probably looking at drilling a snug hole, I setting your tube and then caulking it with silicon sealer or Sugru.

nope I do not want to have my tubing as the seal. and I do not want to use Silicon or sugru which will contaminate my fluid

You know you can't thread it, but you don't want to use either of the available options...

I think you're stuck.

What do you want to connect to the bottle, and what liquids will be carried?

Oh P.s. I do not want to put GLUE or anything inside of the bottle as I do not want it to get the liquid that will be passing it to get contaminated,

Like IDK if theres anything I can do :-\