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how do circuits work with resistors transistors and all other things?How can i make my own circuits which can work ? Answered

I want tounderstand the working of circuits and its part. Any site could also help .


I recommend William J Beaty's articles on electricity and electronics. He does a good job of explaining concepts from basic to advanced, but the articles aren't really in order. He also corrects many mistakes people make about how electricity works.

He also links to this course, which looks like a good introduction. It covers many concepts and component types, as well as skills such as test equipment and soldering.

A good site for reference (but not for learning) is Graham Knott's site. It seems to be quite comprehensive. You don't have to buy the CD; just click "Beginners" or "Intermediate".

Start by googling for electronics tutorials, find the sites that suit your needs, and work from there.

Other search terms that might be useful would be basic or beginners, or you could add the names of components, such as basic resistor tutorial.

Best answer.

Then only thing I can add is to experiment with circuits as you learn.


7 years ago

first essential physics from school. and up. i started like it and went up.