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how do hook up cable, right? Answered

i have the tv hooked into a black box that has chan3-4 on it, in order to watch dvds/vhs', but when i ran a cable cord through the back, and used a splitter, so i wouldn't lose the movie option, it now doesn't show the movies unless i unhook the cable and even then there is a noise you hear along with the movie. i tried seeing if it's the channel settings either on the tv or the black box, it is not.




Best Answer 10 years ago

When you hear noise like that, or see a bit of static, it's usually because the cables or the where you connect the cable to the tv or the black box are misaligned or bent.

You might want to replace that black box with a proper av switch, or an rf modulator box. Which can go anywhere from 5 to 30 dollars depending on what and where you get it. I can get this one for the same price in my local pharmacy store. http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.2530

But the splitter is the wrong thing to use. All the splitter does is share the cable signal two ways, to two tvs, it'll conflict with the signal from the your movie source.
You can replace the splitter with whats called a coaxial manual switch box or an antenna-cable switch. It's a little metal box with two cable inputs, a black switch, and one cable output. You can get it in a decent dollar store, up to 2$, it won't have noise but it'll have some static sometimes.
This is what it looks like, but way to expensive there.