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how do i amplify the radiofrequency of my 40mhz remote control so it will operate my receiver from a further distance? Answered

as some of you may know now, i am building an r/c tank, it operates on a frequency of 40mhz. now i have a problem, the old remote controller i had for it which i modified (by accident), has been thrown away after it stopped working (thanks to my un-understanding mother) the problem with this is though that i when i changed it around (i swaped some parts to make it work with aa's instead of button cells) it worked at 100m, the remote i have now though wont operate the receiver at any distance above 40 meters, so i want to know, where can i get a rf booster that will work for my remote control, sort of a thing that can boost the signal as it goes though the antena, or something, ive seen something like it in jaycars catalogue, but it only works on frequencies between 50mhz-1ghz, and it extends the radio coverage by 100m.
since its only a toy remote i dont think it can be alterd, plus this one isnt the same as the chip transmitter i used to own, this one is a crystal remote controller.


Put a decent antenna on it. something around 1.875metres would be ideal.,

well, i have tryed to use it with my nitro buggy antenna which is around 1.2 meters, but it still doesnt cover the distance i need.
is there anyway to mod an rf 15db boost gain antenna booster so it will work with 40mhz instead of 50-1ghz? the antenna only adds around 20 metters of distance, which isnt enough, plus it doesnt quite fit on as im only using a toy car remote

its that sort of remte with two levers on either side for controlling either side of the tank, both go up and down, a normal remote for nitro cars ans such wont work for it very well

exellent, though, if i could understand thta a bit better then ide definitely do it, problem i that it is saying its making the receiver more sensitive, which is abig no-no, then it may actualy pick up other peoples radio waves, or is it somethig that amps the signal as it passes through the wire thta conects to the antenaa

The receiver itself is selective, it will only pick up its own frequency. This amplifier is roughly tuned to the area of interest.

so it wont work the way im thinking about it which is that the signal from the antenna is loader in decibels, and therefore going further, which allows it to be picked up by the receiver. i understand that the frequency remains at 40mhz, so there is nothing that i can use that amps the signal not the receiver, as, if i have a sensitive receiver not remote, other people in the area (or my anoying little brother) may use 40mhz remotes and it will interifer with my car.

Raising transmitter power is illegal and dangerous, raising receiver sensitivity is not.

i dotn think it is when im just making it as strong as my nitrobuggys trasmitter power. my nitro buggy will twitch when i use its crystal in my remote control, (because it uses stepping motors) , but it wont work at the same distances as my bigger remote control. but if its just plain illegal to amplifie the trasmitter at all then i need to know, would the amplifieing circut just connect to where the antenna would be connected, like this


or would it need to be conected elsewhere

well i dont know if it will ruin your remote or not but i have done this to my 27mhz remote before and it seamed to help it get a better range, what you do is run the remote off of a nine volt square battery instead of two AA's and i also located the little thing with copper wire rapped around it thats black, and i added a little bit more of some thin copper wire (about seven turns) but only connected the extra wire to one leg and the other end of the wire just stayed un-connected, and by doing that it can be picked up on my cb radio in my house behind acouple of walls even lol sorry for the looong comment lol hope it works if you try it

oh goody, do you know though where i can buy one though, i realy dont want to have to build one myself, and i mean where can i buy one online, like ebay or an electronics store online