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how do i break up with my girlfriend but in a nice way? Answered



Talking to her face to face is the only way to go. Let her know it's not working out for you and why. Shouldn't go too bad unless your breaking it off for selfish reasons. If its not working out than maybe she is seeing the same problems you are.

Dont say anything, just head out the back jack,make a new plan stan,just drop off the key lee and get yourself free

good luck



4 years ago

I did not kiss her bcause she is dating a other guy behind my back but i dont want her finding out that i know of this.And the other guy is my best friend and he told me that very day so i told him i would back away and let him date her thats why i need a nice way to break up with my back stabbing girlfriend

You are young, when I was in my teens I dated 3 and more girls at the same time, most twice my age. I settled down with a girl I met in high school after the divorce with my first wife, and we have been together for 35 years.

She is not a back stabber she is just a girl and remember the Cindy Lauper song “Girls Just want to Have Fun.”


There is no nice way.

My brother was selling pot and other drugs for a local biker gang during the drug war here in Canada during the 70s.

One day he was robbed and almost murdered for his drugs and money.

The bike gang did not care why he could not pay for the drugs they fronted him, they wanted their money and they went after family and friends.

My girlfriend never understood I broke up with her to keep her safe.

It will not matter why to your girlfriend, she will still be mad at you, don’t be a PR tell her the truth, and move on.

Your brother should have gone for a better position, biker mechanic and customizer. That way they would have just given him their drug profits and protection as well. Nobody hurts the guy that keeps all the stuff working.

My brother couldn't tell a 3/8 box end wrench from a 3/8 socket.

The best way to deal with biker gangs is mind your own business and be polite.

Most of them are just guys that like bikes.

i am breaking up with her bcause she is dating someone else behind my back thats y i didnt kiss her and i dont want her finding out that i known of her backstabbing me

SHe didn't like the kiss then ?

Ho that is the kiss guy isn't it?
I hope my answer to his last question didn't scar him off.

IF he is talking about the same lady, he went from not having a girl to kissing her to now breaking up in 3 days time.

Might be 3 different ladies...He might have bigger problems then.

A mighty fickle lad he be,
If a lass he keeps is three.
For this I know and dare to say,
to their brothers he may pay.
So tread with care,
And run with speed,
for he may pay,
with this deed.