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how do i build a motorized Drawer that opens with one button? Answered

or how to make a switch directions


I'd say to use a motor with a pulley - like a windshield wiper motor. The pulley would be able to slip, and be on a closed loop from the front to the back of the drawer. That way you could open it by hand and not break anything. The motor to reverse direction needs an 'h bridge' - you can make one out of a double pole double throw switch. (dpdt.jpg) Wiring in end-stop switches so the motor wont keep turning when it gets fully open or closed is a good idea too. If theres not enough room behind the drawer for the motor, the motor can live IN the drawer.


unng it didn't put up my pic. but i know there's an answer because my cd\dvd rom does it, besides i don't like using knife switch`s because their ,ugly and lets face it downright dangerous

it doesn't have to be a knife switch. thats just an operational drawing of a DPDT switch. I used this exact design to make it so I could wind my homebuilt projection screen up and down.

I am not sure what your purpose is, but here is one thought for a light desk drawer:

  • Attach a spring inside the front of the desk and to back of the drawer such that the drawer springs out. (Of course the drawer needs to be on a track that prevents it from jumping entirely out of the desk.)
  • Attach a latch inside the front of the desk that works against the spring to hold the drawer shut.
  • Attach a solenoid to the latch so that the latch releases when current is applied.

You may even be able to do this with a mechanical pushbutton and no solenoid.