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how do i build a wooden barbie house? Answered

Well I was needing step by step directions on how to build a medium size barbie house out of ply wood,I can do all the decorating I just have no clue how to build the frame plz help?



Websearch "doll house", scale up appropriately?

It's not really that simple, though it seems like it should be!

The vast majority of realistic doll house plans available online are in 1/12 scale miniature (or, 1 inch actual equals 1 foot, scale).  Barbies, larger (12") GI Joes and other "playscale" figure are twice that size, 1/6 scale (or, 2 inches actual equals 1 foot, scale).  The problem is one of size: a relatively modest 1/12 scale dollhouse, doubled in size, now becomes massive; unless you have unlimited space (and are willing to build it in sections which disassemble to move it through doorways), these designs are very impractical.

Here is becomes useful to borrow an old trick that model train buffs have used for decades.  It is called "selective compression" and it basically means shrinking the scaled dimensions in either one or two axis.  In other words, keep the 1/6 scale height (so Ken doesn't scrape his head on the ceiling), but shrink the depth and/or width of the structure, to make its real size more manageable.  Portals like windows and doorways must of course remain about the right scale, for the toy figures to be able to pass through them.

Here is a good instructable which shows how to build a Barbie house of cardboard:

Doll House - Cardboard Recycle

Thin plywood, illustration board or other dimensional structural materials could also be used.

Good luck, and have fun!

A large part of this is up to you. Draw what you want, or pick an image off the internet. Comment and use "add images" - show us what you're after?