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how do i build my own engine chamber? Answered

i want to fabricate a new set of alluminium engine chambers for my vintage motorcycle and also i want to build a twin royal enfield, i have managed all the spares except for the engine chamber



get money and buy one! or just go to the dump...

You want to make cylinder-heads? I admire you for this, but I wouldn't know too well. If you had the tooling you could machine them. Otherwise you'd need to cast / injection mould and then machine them. Have you got the tools, and out of interest where did you get the rest of the engine? L

To make your own, you are going to have to work from billet aluminium and mill/ turn them ! If you have to ask the question, it seems you don't have the machine shop experience to do it. A shop that can do it will charge a small fortune for one-offs. Keep trawling Ebay for the bits ! What's the bike ? Steve

You probably wanted to comment on the question / answer, but the author hasn't replied yet - maybe won't. L

It's interesting, but I'm not holding out much hope for an answer. L