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how do i build the best fire for my fire pit naturally? Answered

i want to build a fire for my fire pit with all natural materials,no gas or lighter fluid. I have alot of wood and i want to fill my pit up



Try out tinder in the middle of your fire bowl. Bear in mind, tinder are the small sticks, twigs, and leaves you're going to use to get your flames burning, so the easier it burns, the better. Stack your kindling on top of the tinder in a "teepee" composition. Make sure to leave a position on the side you're going to light

Pinecones make excellent tender,a little news paper on the bottom,two or three pinecones a few twigs and sticks,you want to get a bed of coals and then keep adding bigger would til you get the size fire you like.I also make fire starters out of paper egg cartons,sawdust and candle wax that work real well,they burn about ten minutes each.take the egg carton and fill each section with sawdust,then pour melted candle wax over sawdust in each section,let cool and seperate the sections,use one or two to get a fire started.

Nice, dry pine needles work better than the sawdust if you have access. IF the needles are still attached to the twig in clusters, even better.

Use leaves instead of gas for lighting the kindling (small branches) so... pile of dry leaves, straw, crumpled paper, etc. place kindling on top of that follow with smaller logs light add logs as necessary. I'd use a box style to start, followed by a teepee once you have a good bed of coals going

get lots of really flammable stuff (leaves) put them down first, then take small sticks and lay them on top of the leaves. Then you light the fire with a match or, if you are hardcore, knife and flint. When the small sticks catch fire, you can put on bigger sticks and logs.

Starting with a pile of tinder, I'll usually build a cabin, of sorts, with my kindling. Two pieces, on opposite sides, then an alternating pair laid perpendicular to the previous. So on and so forth, until it's higher than my pile of tinder. Then I'll lay the kindling all the way across the 4-sided stack of kindling, repeating the stacking process, for about 3 layers. Light it, then proceed with the same method for the firewood. A bit OCD, but it's always worked for me


9 years ago

I think your best bet would be to make a pico-hybrid fire.

for a two foot tall structure (measurements are guesstimates)

  • 3-10 branches around 3 feet long with around a 1 or 2 inch diameter(Long braches) 1
  • 10 sticks around 1 foot long with 1 or 2 inch diameter (Large sticks)
  • 15 - 20 sticks that are about .5 inches thick and less than a foot long (medium sticks)
  • A bunch of twigs that are like 6 inches long along (twigs)
  • tinder: straw, dry grass, dead leaves, wood shavings, frayed twine that is in a loose ball, ect.

First: take 5 of the large sticks and set them on the ground, evenly spaced and parallel, so they are close to a square in total dimension, if the space between the sticks seems too close, take one out and space them out again. Repeat this with another layer of large sticks on top in the other direction. Then take 6 or 7 medium sticks and place them on top of the large sticks as you did with the first layer and repeat this 2 more times. Then take the twigs and lay them out perpendicular to the top layer very thickly around 50% covered in twigs with 50% holes. Then take the tinder and place it on top of the twigs, this is where the fire will start. Now take the large branches and place them around the log cabin part in teepee style. Light the tinder, and watch it burn.

Layer 7 Tinder
Layer 6 == with many twigs at a twig length apart
Layer 5 IIIIII
Layer 4 == but with 6-7 sticks
Layer 3 IIIIII
Layer 2 == but with 5 sticks
Layer 1 |||||

Note to self, make this an ible.