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how do i build this bike? Answered

i have a bike my grandfather sent me that he had taken apart. he says its an eddy merckx bike made by falcon cycle, its a purple-ish color. i cant find ANYTHING about it on the internet.


Most bikes go together the same or very similar way. Just search for a general diagram of a bike.

A classic bike.

This Sheldon Brown link tells you everything about the history and quality of your bike that you will ever need to know.

Here is a bit about Eddy Merckx

And here are some pictures showing his bikes fixed wheel or geared form.

The bike all goes together the same as any other racer.

I'm not sure where you live but I think that you could probably get this assembled for about £30 at a bike shop; but no need really, as the info is all on the web or in any bike shop manual.

If  really get stuck feel free to PM; I'll try to help.

Happy cycling.


Spread all the bits out

Wheel at Front

Wheel at Back

Make sure the nuts are tight.

Almost certainly Derailleur gears http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Derailleur_gears
Which may need some adjusting - Come back at that point.

treat with respect it is a racing bike not a mountain or BMX bike.

make sure the tyres are very hard all the time to reduce drag and it should go pretty fast.

Oh make sure the brakes FRONT AND BACK work well.