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how do i bypass onstar to pair up my bluetooth with my car. my car is not bluetooth campatible according to onstar. Answered

i have been told that there is a way around onstar, even if my car isn't bluetooth compatible. if this is true, can someone tell me how to go bypass onstar?


I think your asking for instructions to use the OnStar hardware that's built into a car and adapt those "guts" into a third party bluetooth device so it all looks factory installed. Is that about right? If so, then check out: CoSTAR Technologies BlueSTAR II

It wouldn't be worth the hassle it if you could; forget it.


Onstar and Bluetooth are two totally different things. Many new Chevy's have call answering capabilites (i.e. buttons) built into the steering wheel (or elsewhere) allowing you to use the Onstar service with the optional mobile number. Unfortunately, there is no way to connect your mobile phone to the cars system with Onstar. I already looked into this as I wasn't interested in Onstar's rates for a mobile number especially when I already have a mobile phone.... Without Bluetooth capabilities, I don't believe there is any way for you to connect.

The car either has Bluetooth capabilities or it doesn't. What model and year is the car? Not all cars with onstar have built in Bluetooth. If yours doesn't there is no way around that. If onstar is telling you there is no Bluetooth then your out of luck.

+1 I can put a lock on an empty treasure chest but bypassing the lock doesn't mean there will suddenly be treasure inside.