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how do i check for hydrogen, oxygen, and water? Answered

i have science revew but no clue what the answer is. ive chrcked the internet but none have a solid answer. help!



There are several electronic sensors for gases. Air humidity sensors are very easy to find, every home/garden shop should carry them. O2 sensors will probably be more expensive as they are mostly used for industrial safety. H2 sensors I dont know anything about but do most likely exist anyhow.

I hope this answers your question.

The internet can't provide an answer if you don't know what the question is.

The question you've asked doesn't really make much sense.

Are you trying to find out how to analyze air samples for the presence of those gases? Are you trying to electrolyze water to make hydrogen and oxygen? Are you trying to combine hydrogen and oxygen to make water?

Is the problem that English is not your native language?

I am guessing that you are thinking of the old burning splint test, or glowing splint test.  Those are used sometimes to check a small volume of gas, like the amount that will fit in a test tube, to see if that gas is flammable (like hydrogen), or if it is a gas that supports/improves combustion (like oxygen).

Those links are from Wikipedia, but it might be more helpful to see someone doing it, so you you should check Youtube for a "splint test"

This looks like a good one.
This video also includes a demo the lime water test for detecting the presence of CO2.

I am not sure that this could answer your question but it is possible to separate both elements in water by electrolysis.