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how do i connect a radio control servo and gyro together? Answered

i want to use a radio control servo and gyro to keep my wifi antenna pointing the same way. i live on a boat and have a long range wifi antenna which is like a flat plate one foot square and directional and each time the boat swings at anchor i lose the signal. i want to know how to wire up the servo and gyro to a battery to keep pointing the same way. thanks paul

i just want a way of powering the gyro and servo, i can point it the way i want it to face to start with,
then i want the gyro to take over to move the servo opersit to wherever the boat swings.
i dont know how to power the servo and gyro i know it takes 5 volts which i can give it but i dont want to have to use a reciver just the servo, gyro and power suply.


that all depends on which direction you want it to point, if you want it to point east i would pick up a light sensor and it will follow the sun thus pointing east, if you want it to point north use an oCompassDN/VX or you could hook the servo up with the oJoyStick which is software that makes it follow a joystick similar to an attari controller

there are a lot of wiimote nunchuck programs used for pan-tilt control of a set of servos... searching stuff like gyroscope, servo, pan tilt, and/or arduino should help.