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how do i connect thermo switch with ele. radiator? Answered

first things first
notice: Iam in Europe so it's probably a bit different than in USA.

I have electric radiator in my room. i bought thermo switch but i don't know how to connect it between the socket and the radiator. I must mention that the radiator had already same thermo switch before but it broke down after 5 years and I didn't write notes how it was connected. I already blown 4 fuses during the attempt.

The wire has blue (P?), brown (N?) and yellow/ green (earth) wires. In the switch there's sheme sticker -> www.shrani.si/f/C/Nr/42sKtVVC/thermo.png. notice i have a plug and wire from the radiator both with mentioned wires.
I checked blue wire and it's live (P??). Green-yellow wire is earth.. iam sure. so how do i connect the plug and the radiator?? 


Oooh 4 fuses? Normally I've definitely stopped trying if I get through 2 fuses. Can you post a picture, or give us a product-link?


there are 3 bolts of course standing for "1", "2" and "3" from the sheme.

the switch is in the link but without on/off and winter/summer switch


Right, that looks like a thermostat switch, such as you'd incorporate into a heating system. It does not look like a device which can switch high current at all. You'd want that tripping a relay which can handle power, and a separate power supply for the relay.


Can the switch handle the current the heater wants ?