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how do i connect this motor? Answered

i took this heavy  duty out off some old electronics (i have no idea bout what id originally did...)

it works on 230V (european standard voltage)
i've tested it with the original PCB attached, and it works (pretty fast :D )
but it has 4 more wires than im used to for an electronic motor.

also, there where 2 coil kind of components attached to what i recognize as the normal terminals (those with the drag contacts)

my idea, is that the 4 extra wires are for 2 electromagnets, instead of normal magnets, that im used to.
but then, i need to know how to connect the 4 extra wires.

note, im just interested in making it spin...

added PCB images


If it is an ac motor Use the blue and brown wires to connect

If it's an A/C motor, the other two lines could help in getting it turning from a standstill.

A/C motors can tend to just vibrate back and forth rapidly instead of picking up, unless their special spin-up electronics are working.

The circuit board that goes with it probably controls everything together, so that phase timing is handled right there at the back of the motor.

Some of the other wires may be for feedback. I don't have any idea of what this came out of, but since it's a six wire motor, I suspect that much.

Color codes? Printed data (from side of motor?) Clearer image? PCB photo? Source of the motor and PCB?

Hmm...on the other hand, it could just be a 3-phase motor

.  No ideas on your motor wiring, but your unknown component appears to be an inductor.

Is this brushless?


it has 2 carbonite (i think its that) brush thingies...

but that shouldnt matter right?


lemonie, seriously, every time i ask something, look at other questions, i see you!

how come? are u this savant-like person with half the internet in your memory?
and how long do you spend on instructables.com to manage that?!

I'm also thinking you've got two wires for the rotor-coils, and two to stator coils. That is you don't have a permanent magnet in there, electromagnet instead.
The answer will be in the PCB, can you figure out what that does or post a picture.

I spend some time each day here, but so do most other people on this page.


il post a picture of the PCB later, and il try to figure it out, even though i dont think il have much succes at that :D

Yes he is!  It's been documented on the web.

If he were a savant, he wouldn't have to ask if it were brushless, he'd just tell you which wires connect to what.

 it could be a stepper motor which work by moving the magnet (and subsequently the axle) forward in increments.  stepper motors require a driver.  i don't really know anything about them but i have some and i've tried to get them working and asked people how on instructables and i gave up. have fun