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how do i directly connect my ps3 to my computer with out going through my tv? Answered

i need to bypass my tv because it is not working, i would like to go straight into the back of my computer screen with it. i have no hdmi hook up for it in the back nor do i in my cpu. i don't have the red yellow white cable connection in the back either. i just have the (vga?) i think thats it. blue almost rectangle. any way? tks for your help


You will need to install a Video capture card (Usually TV cards have them built in) in your computer to connect your PS3 to it.

yeah, and look for one that says it has low latency. mine actually has a "game mode" where it is optimized for lowest latency possible in exchange for video quality.

No need to go through your computer, especially since it can create enough lag to make playing games difficult.

Make sure that you have VGA and not DVI. They're both "D" shaped connectors, but DVI is wider and has the pins in a grid. If you have DVI then you're in luck and you can buy a HDMI to DVI connector for a couple dollars.

However if you do have VGA then you have trouble. To get from DVI to VGA the signal need to be radically changed, and that gets expensive. Here's a link to one of the more affordable solutions I found. You might see "hdmi to vga cables" for $15, but they are only cables, not converters and won't do you any good.