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how do i download music without wifi connections on my apple ipod can i do it off a desk top? Answered



You have to have wifi do download music on your iPod unless you have the thing where you get wifi no matter where you are. I suggest doing it on your desktop. You have to download iTunes onto it first though.


7 years ago

Yes. Get a copy of iTunes, and use it to transfer music from your PC to the iPod.

That is the traditional way to get stuff on/off your player -- 'syncing' it with your library of stuff on your computer.

For an ipod they recommend using itunes. You basically line up all your songs in your itunes music library, and when you connect the ipod itunes will automatically sync your files to ensure the stuff is on your pod.

If your question pertains to 'how do I get free music onto my ipod" then you've come to the wrong place.