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how do i find out values on old barn wood and beams? Answered

barn wood values and hand hewn beams values




7 years ago

Are you looking for monetary values or engineering values? For monetary values, in the US, this is a good place to start http://pioneermillworks.com/

Just in case you're not aware, unless you mill it and sell the final product yourself, you cannot expect to fetch the values one hears about. It's much like selling antiques. You generally get pawn values from those companies who will buy it as is, since they want to be the ones who actually profit (and who often look for distressed persons to acquire it from in order to maximize their profiteering) So while it might be worth alot, as is, you'll get maybe 30-40% of it's true value, if that.

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1) Find a local distributor and ask what the purchase price would be for wood similar to what you have; then subtract about 1/3 to guestimate what you'd get.

2) Look on eBay.

3) Find a certified appraiser and pay them to do an estimate for you.