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how do i fix a broken refrigerator? Answered

Yesterday evening I heard something that sounded like an electrical short. Then I started smelling that smell that happens when something shorts out (burning electrical odor). Now my refrigerator/freezer is getting warmer and warmer. You can hear it trying to "cycle on", but then nothing happens. Someone told me it was probably just a switch. Any suggestions on trouble-shooting this problem?


it may be the capacitor there is a capacitor connected to the compressor take it out wire it to cable and plug plug in to electricity breaker shut down ? it is indeed bad now unplug it and short the plug bldes with a piece of metal (that you are isolated from - like touch the plug to a water pipe etc while you hold it in the plastic) saw big flash ? capacitor is likely good no flash ? try again if it never makes flash when you touch metal to the plug blades then its bad replace it and see if problem fixed

Electrical short and trying to start repeatedly afterward sounds like a motor problem. Trying to start means that the control circuit works, the sound of trying to start means the switches are working, that leaves the compressor system. Electrical smell would be the motor, but that could be because the compressor locked up and killed the motor-in which case you would have to fix/replace both. Most refrigerators have a sealed compressor that holds both the motor and compressor, so I'm not sure how you would smell the motor going bad. I think it's going to be a case of looking and finding the smoke stain or melted bits of plastic : P

. If it is trying to cycle, then it probably isn't as simple as "just a switch." Do the lights dim when it tries to start?