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how do i fix a zip on a coat that splits when you try to zip up? Answered

I have a 2-way zip on a coat with two zippers. When I try to zip it up with one zipper and the other is left at the bottom, the zip (teeth) does not stay together and splits inbetween the top and bottom zippers. It is quite a new coat but not as new to return it and I really would like to fix the problem. Im thinking maybe the teeth on the zip are to rough or need oiling? Not sure, would appreciate comments, Thanks.



Sometimes the slider can spread apart and then does not mesh the teeth together properly. You can gently squeeze together the top and bottom of the slider together with a pair of pliers.

When I've run into this problem, it has usually happened after I wash and dry a coat, and the material to which the zipper his attached has shrunk slightly, causing a slight warp to the zipper which prevents proper connection of the two halve or forces them open due to the pressure of the warp..  Never found a solution short of replacing the whole darned thing. Hopefully one of the sewing circle will pipe up on the subject with an authoritative answer (no offense intended to all the folks who've spoken already).

Does it open at the same place each time?

If the teeth truly lock together then the problem is not rough or needing oil.  Oil would just make the problem worse.  I used to have a stick of zipper lube.  It was a waxy substance in a small stick like a candle.  You rubbed it on and worked the zipper up and down a few times.

The problem is either the zipper was a bad design in the beginning or is worn out and the grip is not there to stay closed.

A zipper works by the left side locking into the right side and the little teeth on the end wear.  When there is not enough tooth left to lock the zipper doesn't hold.  I think that's what has happened.  The only fix it to replace the zipper.

Are you over stressing the zipper.

replace th' slide ,  if that don't help ,  replace th' zipper !

I have done this a time or two in the past, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.  Look where the "break" happends when the zipper is closed and you may find a tooth is bent, broken or a string/fuzz blocking.  Sometimes all you need to do is clear the string from between the teeth.  Or you may need to crimp the side of the pull tab a little to make it zip tighter on one side or both.  Check for string/fuzz first since it's easy to fix.