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how do i fix my halo trial? PLEASE HELP Answered

first of all i played on my computer which is windows 7 by the way and it crashed for some reason. now i have to play on a different computer and i really want it back on my computer and if any of you know me i am Beast145 and i know tons of mods if u want any. i can download halo trial and when i get into it it says: a problem occurred initializing DirectDraw. Hardware acceleration may be disabled. Please run DxDIAG. if anyone can help me please respond because i really need it back. IN EXCHANGE FOR FIXING MY HALO TRIAL I WILL GIVE YOU PELICAN MOD OR OTHER REQUESTED MOD. PLEASE LEAVE YOUR EMAIL SO I CAN SEND IT TO YOU.




Best Answer 7 years ago

Have you tried running direct x diagnostic? If that's what its asking for then maybe you should see if you have the latest version of direct x. Finally, try running it in windows xp compatibility mode.


Answer 7 years ago

yes thats what i did. thanks bro ur my hero:) if u play trial i can make u a sick skin if u want it to repay for help