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how do i fix my loose usb port? Answered

when i put my usb into the port of my lap top it seem very loose and can fall out



Usb ports are obviously soldered to the mobo,anything that is loose will eventually fail as both ports on my laptop did.A bit of a sticky wicket for you if that happens right?.There really isnt a way to shore up the loose port so the more often its used......well. When the port fails pay someone to replace it or do it yourself.I did my own USB replacement at very little cost,if you want to know more about how its done just drop me a line.

good luck


Some USB thumb drives fit better then others. The ones that are just the PCB sticking out and don't have the metal can around it don't fit snugly. There isn't anything you can do to fix that. If your thumb drive does have the metal can then you can see the prongs on the plug in the laptop that put pressure on the can and fit in the little square cut outs. You can carefully bend those prongs inward a bit to hold the drive better.