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how do i fix my sega dreamcast? Answered



1) Develop a clear list of the symptoms. Exactly what is it doing or not doing, exactly what sequence of operations provokes that problem. THEN try one of the following:

a) Websearch for folks who are having the same problem and see if they have found solutions.

b) Contact Sega, send them that information, and ask if there's a simple fix.

c) Try posting that information here. But unless it's a well-known problem, odds are that you're not going to have much better success than with (a) -- it's hard to properly diagnose a problem without having our hands on the box, and talking you through the diagnostic process is likely to be more work than it's worth.

d) Learn enough to resolve the problem yourself.


2) Find someone local who can look at it and either:

a) Fix it, or

b) Give you a clear description of the problems for you to take back to option (1).


3) Junk it.

I guess I was wrong... there was a way to give an intelligent response to the question. :)

Harshly worded, but excellent, advice on how to write a problem description that someone might be able to get enough information out of to help you with:


Take it to the veterinarian. Make sure that you're not in the room when the procedure takes place so that your dreamcast doesn't blame you. After it is fixed, take it out for a treat. In the weeks following make sure it heals up nicely and isn't getting infected.