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how do i fix the open tray problem on a philips benq on a 360? Answered

I have been having problems with my 360 reading disks. When ever i put a game in it say reading then it say open tray. I have to hit the top of the 360 in order for it to read it . Anyone know how to fix this problem?



Call Microsoft and ask them what's wrong, if they can't help you, register your xbox and send it in to be repaired. They might even send you a free month of Xbox live.

Call microsoft, tell them to ship you a coffin

. Could be a dirty lens. I don't know of any way to effectively clean them that I would recommend to someone not familiar with handling fragile parts. You can try the rag-on-the-bottom-of-a-disc cleaners found everywhere, but I've never had any luck with them.

. Or it may be a limit switch that needs to be adjusted/replaced.