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how do i get a guy to ask me out? Answered

the guy , already likes me and im just waiting for him.what should i do?




Best Answer 8 years ago

You ask him out.


Sixth'd - Seriously if this doesnt get best answer its trouble XD

My wife expressed interest in our relationship first.

Fifth-ed.  I've never been one to wait around on duders asking me out, and I started the ball rolling with Mr. AngryRedhead sort of like in Kiteman's case.


Maybe he's just shy or just has no cash...a common occurrence for teens. If shy, maybe you can find a way to get him alone-ish to talk to him.

Seconded - Kitewife asked me out first, we've been together for...

Counts on fingers, runs out, takes off socks, runs out again...

Exactly. Not fair to expect him to take all emotional risk. And if you don't, someone else may.

He likes you, but does he know that you like him?  He may be thinking that you're just friendly and doesn't want the dissapointment of being turned down.

agreed 70000 times. This is the exact reason, I think. But if you can help me. There's a guy in my class and he and I are friends and all, but I really like him. But there are 4 problems. One is I think he likes my friends, two is I'm moving at the beginning next august, three is I'm really shy but no one at my school knows that & 4 I'm classed as a nerd by a lot of people. So I guess I have two questions. 1.How do I get him to like me.
2.How do I show people who I really am and what I'm really like.

#1. Make eye contact with him and smile. Males get a rush of a good hormone when a girl we like of even would consider liking makes eye contact and smiles at the same time. Try it it's scientific.

#2. Be yourself. Maybe you are a nerd but most people in the world are really nerds. Some of them learn to hide it better than others. Then when you find out about it you are dissapointed. If you are real all the time then there are no letdowns.


8 years ago


But here are some tips anyway:

-Make a project from instructables together.

-Get him to give you a piggy back ride.

-Ask him for a massage, then trade off, and then steer into some snuggling. This way you can both be relaxed and comfortable with each other physically.

-Physical contact is a great way of playing and flirting: Say "gimmie 5", when he does grab his hand in yours and give it a squeeze. Some cute punk rocker in San Francisco did this and then licked my hand many years ago. It was hot.

You could just ask him out. Or if you absolutely need him to ask you out, you could be a little flirtatious and make it obvious that you want him to ask you out.

Ask him. Dur.