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how do i get my art work published. thank you? Answered

I wanna know what steps I have to take to get my artwork published. I don't wanna do it myself. Most magazines and other print don't accept art from unknown artists.



10 years ago

Start by hitting your local library and seeing if they have, or can get, a current copy of the Artist's & Graphic Designer's Market (published by Writers Digest Books). I haven't actually seen that one -- just the Writer's Market, which I think is what they started with -- but if it's like the Writer's Market, it's a treasure trove of who's buying, what they pay, who to contact, how to submit... Of course if you just want to be "published" rather than paid for publication, that's a lot easier. Start on the web, build up your visibility, build up a following...

The Joeorksecurity

Answer 10 years ago

Thanks a lot for your help and info, that sounds good. I'm gonna look into that.