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how do i get my toilet to stop leaking? Wax ring has been replaced. Bowl is not cracked. Water still leaks through. Answered

to clarify... the leak is between the bottom of the toilet and the floor....


Toilets often do this if your toilet MOVES slightly every time you
sit down on it.  The toilet should sit ROCK SOLID and not move.
Very often, this is caused by the WOOD under the toilet is starting to
rot and is weakening.   You may need to look underneath the floor while
some one upstairs sits on and off the toilet.  shine your flashlight up
underneath the toilet while you are in the basement... try to see WHAT is
moving.  Is it the TOILET only... is it the FLOORING or is it the JOISTS?
MY toilet did this and i decided i did not want to fix my joists and floor. so
I removed the toilet and laid it SIDEWAYS on the floor.   I found a plastic bottle that fit right inside the toilet flush-hole-thing.  then i GLUED about a
3 inch piece in there so the flushing water goes DOWN instead of splashing
out the wax ring.  That fixed it for a few months... but now I seem to smell
some slight sewer gas coming up... so i guess the BEST fix is just fix it
RIGHT... re do the floor boards or joists need re-inforced... etc..

If you have a ceramic tile floor or other thick floor treatment, it is possible that the closet flange is set too low. The original plumber may have set the closet flange for a standard thickness flooring. Since there is a slightly larger gap, the wax will not seal properly. Even if you buy one of the jumbo thick wax seals, it will eventually develop a leak.

If this is the case, the soil pipe (that's the big pipe that takes the waste down through the floor) needs to be extended to put the flange at the correct height.

This happened at our house and it took us 8 years and 3 plumbers to get it figured out and fixed.

Here is a link to a DIY toilet installation that will show you all the parts and how to prep them.



9 years ago

Take a measurement from the 2 bolt holes to the wall, if it is less than 12" then the flange is too close to the wall. If the back of the toilet is touching the wall, the the bowl will never mount flush with the wax ring. Try mounting the bowl without the tank first, and see if it works from there.

Maybe an internal part of the toilet gouged the wax ring when you tried to reseat the toilet. But it does sound like a leak, and not "toity sweat".

Put food coloring in the bowl to see if its leaking from there, then try putting the coloring in the tank. That will probably tell you where the leak originates. If its the baffle in the tank, the color will leak into the bowl. Parts are so cheap just replace the whole tank assembly.


9 years ago

Maybe it's sad. Or maybe...http://www.acmehowto.com/howto/homemaintenance/plumbing/diagnostic/diagtoilet.php

Leaks through how? Down the drain? That's more likely a problem with a blocked vent. Dripping down the side? That could be condensation on the tank or bowl, or a leak between the tank and the bowl, or bad aim : )

There could be a hairline crack in the bowl