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how do i get my windows to start up again? Answered

soo i tried to install windows vista to replace my windows xp but i had some problems, at first it worked out well but when i restarted my computer it wouldnt start all the way, i tried to load it in safe boot and i tried the diagnostics test on it, but all it says is "windows failed to load because the system registry file is missing, or corrupt"...can some one please help me out?


Assuming the HD has no valuable data on it I would boot from the CD and format the HD then do the install

You can install from the Windows CD as often as you like onto the same PC BUT after the first couple of times you will be prompted to call microsoft (toll free) to get a new validation code.

This is to make sure your not hawking your copy of XP around.

PS Win 7 is better option.

Ive tried to use the CD to restore it but it wont work...do u know any way i can wipe out the HD to start again without the disk?

You need a CD or Memory stick or even a floppy disc if your system has one that is bootable. Perhaps the easiest way is to get a friend to make one for you from their PC - There are plenty of web resources to show how to - Search for "make a boot CD"

its okay, i found out how to get it reinstalled finally, it took awhile but i got it....and while i figured it out i found copys of windows xp, and vista but no product key for them, and then i found a copy of windows vista home premium with a key and installed it fine...thank u for your help though!

As other comments: scrub it and start again - not "over the top" - clean disk.


Try going through the whole installation procedure again, from the beginning.

Seconded...and delete everything. Seems these days you can install straight from your upgrade disk so long as its legit and was used on that computer before (I did it yesterday).