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how do i get past the vista pass word prompt, i have been locked out of all accounts Answered


im locked out of the computer completeley and have things of dire importance on the computer

Did your Ophcrack LiveCD boot up and start running? Did it get ignored and Windows booted up instead? Or did you not even have a chance to boot either, because there was a BIOS password set?

If it's a BIOS password, you'll need to unplug the computer, remove the battery from the motherboard, and let it sit without power for a few minutes before replacing it. This will remove the password from the BIOS and set it back to factory defaults. Keep in mind that while the default BIOS settings should be suitable to run your hard drive and other hardware properly, there is a chance that you'll have to manually tell BIOS what kind of hardware you have.

While you're busy panicking, this would be a very good time to write some resolutions for the future. If you own a computer, you will lose files at some point, for some reason. If you're wise, though, you'll learn from the mistake and resolve to make better backups in the future. (Better still is learning from someone else's mistake.)

You could try passwordrecovery.net. ( I may not be remembering this correctly).

Not sure what you mean, have you lost the passwords?