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how do i get ringtones for a utstarcom(previously audiovox) wink 8935 i have tried bluetooth with another phone plz help Answered

i have been told there is no cord to hook to the computer, and i have no idea what to do when i tried blue tooth, it said no devices available on the other phone...im lost please help


CDM8935 doesn't have the bluetooth "profile" that allows to do anything other than sync to a headset or other handsfree device. You can't sync to another bluetooth device and transfer a file.

utstar sold off it's cellphones division to aig or something.
Go here for the manual.
But as for the ringtones, unless your phone had the bluetooth object push option, it won't file transfer the ringtone. And to download free ringtones, there's plenty of services on the web that do it. Like www.tagtag.com
But that still depends on your carrier. Some carriers block the ability to download files, or limit the file size, etc, etc.
www.tagtag.com has a good free service that allows you to clip the song on the web and then sends a txt link to your phone, that takes you the mobile browser to download the ringtone to your phone.