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how do i get the pump to work? Answered

i bought a older home a few years back with a pump thing in the back. I was told there was an artestian spring under all the properties in this neighborhood. Anyway, my mother told me to just keep moving the handle up and down and eventually it would work. I pumped to long and hard that not only did I look foolish, but I woke the next morning with sore arms. I just can't do that again this year. How can I get that thing to work? Also, I had to put a sump pump in my basement because the springs are awful. My basement floods, but it's not sewer water, it's clear. I had to have my water heater replaced because of the flood in my basement.


I think that you can get motorized which will make it automatic, their are options these days that are available to make your pumps to have an attached motor to it so that you do not have to pump it manually.

I hope that this can help you , kindly let me know for any reviews or suggestions/feedback.


If you can't get your pump to work,you might want to try replacing it. They sell one at Harborfreight.com for 25 bucks. .Just do a search on their site for "pump".

A hand pump needs basic maintenance. First, try priming the pump-pour a bucket of CLEAN water into the pump and then try it. There is a leather (or rubber) gasket that needs the weight of the water on top of it (as well as the wetness) to pull up more water. If the handle doesn't get heavy quickly, try more water once or twice. If it still isn't working, the gasket probably needs to be replaced-you have to take the pump apart, find the leather or rubber bit, find a new piece at a REAL hardware store (not those big box stores that pretend to be hardware stores), and replace it. Then prime and try again. You may have to soak the leather for a bit so it's soft enough to fit inside the pump. Or the well might be dry now-sometimes the water level falls and there isn't any water to pump. The water in your basement is more likely to be from the ground around the foundation-artestian water is year-round, not seasonal. Check your gutters and the drainage around your house to make sure it flows away, not toward the basement.

Assuming there really is a spring in the backyard, and it is quite possible, given that your basement floods, it is likely that the pump is old and no longer forms a good seal with the housing. If you really intend to use the spring, consider getting an electric pump. As a side note, make sure you have installed an automatic sump pump and that it is maintained. Also consider mounting the water heater up on a stand, so the pump has time to activate ( some need around 4 in of water) before your water heater is ruined

track down the manufacturer, and the diagram on how it's supposed to work