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how do i grow bananas from seed? Answered


my dad brought home a big bunch of bananas from a group of bananas growing next to the shed at work. I want to try and grow more of these bananas from seed, these bananas are supposedly wild, and apparently grew there randomly out of their own accord, from what i have read, these seem to be hardy bananas, and dont particularly resemble store bought bananas.

what do i need to do in order to get these from the fruit, to germination? i live in queensland and wild bananas grow and fruit everywhere so nobody give me nonesense about bananas being magical and not growing.

Also, ide like to attempt to grow some banana seeds from the local fruit and veg store, these bananas look pretty much like your typical supermarket banana, however, they actually grow from a feild and arent magically produced inside a laboratory like most people on the internet seem to claim.

ide imagine the process for both is the same, though the seeds in the latter banana is quite small compared to the wild ones.

anyway, how do i get either to germinate, thanks.


AFAIK Eatable bananas are sterile and do not contain viable seed.

The commercial banana is grown from cuttings after the bananas are picked then fern dies.

In actual fact your biggest enemy is the climate - bananas need a hot wet climate to grow and fruit. You can easily buy banana plants in a garden centre they are sold as foliage plants for indoors.

Having said all that:



Shows banana seeds so you can decide if you have any - They are quite big.

it seems however, it's illegal in Queensland, Australia to buy or even sell a banana tree. just thought i'd add that as i've been asking about them myself.

having a go at growing my own plant myself, and hoping it all goes smooth.

hi I have been talking to a man who has a micro compost business . He was showing me round his plot and showed me his bananas from seed. They are perfect. Fantastic eating. I will grab a cutting for my garden.

Like you can see in the picture, the banana "seeds" are children plants growing at the base of the mother plant. Bananas are only produced once and after they are harvested the farmer cuts the plant down, thus, all the nutrients go to the seeds.

Banana Daughter

this doesnt change the fact i have seeds and no intention of buying a banana plant. i will not accept you telling me that bananas are not real! why does everyone do this, is it some great conspiracy to prevent others from getting free bananas? do we all have to buy babie bananas from the stores? cant we grow our own? why do you do this! what is wrong with you!

Lets try again.

No one said Banana seed is not real - they are very real - see picture below BUT as you can see they are really big and no one would eat the bananas.

SO Sterile plants have been developed that do not grow the big seeds, these are the bananas you eat.

Now you CAN buy or find seed but you will get a foliage plane and NOT one where you can eat the bananas.

banana seed.jpg

the bananas i have here only seem to develope a few seeds and if allowed to grow, get to be a decent size and are in my eyes, edible.

will the grow the same? or for some reason will they not turn out the same?

Possibly - give it a try - put some in a pot with soil and keep watered let us know what grows. Good luck.

i wahsed all the gunk off and am trying to sprout 1 bananas worth of seeds in a seed tray, i too hope they work. ive seen the bananas of this species back in darwin grow to almost 3/4 the size of your typical superket seedless variety, but several times sweeter and more banana flavoured. That is, if allowed to fully develope and almost ripen on the tree

yes, they sprouted, but the bananas produced have pea sized seeds in them, they taste the same, awsome, but the seeds are there, so i think that what i got initially was a crossbreed that makes less seeds and smaller seeds.

I come here to see if someone germinate a bananas seed?

I am from Vietnam, a country with hundreds of banana varieties, including wild bananas in the jungle, and seeded bananas for medicine. The least seeds in the fruit, the more tastier the banana is. None of banana seeds in Vietnam can germinate. Wherever in the world, do you find a picture of a bananas seed germinating?

If you read all the comments it would seem that with the right heat and light and lots of water you can germinate the seed. What you get you will have to try and see if it can be eaten. Good luck.

Yours is a very immature response. No one is obligated to answer your questions. Instead of responding like a spoiled brat, show some respect and remember that you are dealing with people.


Jpoopydog has asked almost 250 questions by now. I've notice most people have just stopped answering his questions since he's always either rude or trying to show off. I admire your restraint in your response to him blkhawk :p

actually, most people, like you, are rude to me, and tell me what im doing is impossible, leaving me to do things trial and error on my own, and in 99% of the time, eventually succeeding.

Is it so much for people who have the answer to give it, rather than the complete opposit such as what im seeing here. currently, rickharris has told me the following things, bananas cannot be grown, dont bother with your dreams and aspirations, i dont like bananas with big seeds like in the photo so neither should you, go buy pregrown bananas from a nursery for hundreds of dollars, ignore the hundreds of viable seeds you have in your possesion, go waste money, its not worth the effort.

because thats all im hearing. i even explicitly asked anyone who thinks bananas are ungrowable, to not answer. you think im rude but your telling me to give up on something saying its impossible or impractical. what if i dont want the fruit? what if i just want to grow the plant? then what? is it still impossible to grow from seed?

Ok As I got named lets review my comments:

1. I did NOT tell you Bananas can not be grown - Indeed I said the reverse.

"AFAIK Eatable bananas are sterile and do not contain viable seed. The commercial banana is grown from cuttings after the bananas are picked then fern dies"

2. I did NOT say don't bother with your dreams etc, I gave you a number of alternatives

"In actual fact your biggest enemy is the climate - bananas need a hot wet climate to grow and fruit. You can easily buy banana plants in a garden centre they are sold as foliage plants for indoors."

3.I also pointed you at a video which answered your questions more fully.

4. I did not say I don't like banana with big seeds in etc at all only that seeded natural bananas have large seeds in with people in general don't like so alternatives have been created which is what we normally see. If you like the seeds then fine - I believe the taste is different as well. However have no personal experience of this.

Read more carfully what IS written and NOT what you THINK might have been written.

Other then that good luck with your growing and thanks for the best answer.

Hey Rick, quick thing about sterile bananas, while it can be nice to have a banana without the seeds( I liken this to eating Pb&J without the crust.) Bananas with the seeds are a hell of a lot more flavorful(most of them, some of the verities are just weird). Seeded bananas are still very common in many tropical countries. Eat one if you can find it ;)

PS I note from your profile you suffer from Autism - Whilst I respect that I expect politeness as I did from my students some of who also had Autism.

"actually, most people, like you, are rude to me, and tell me what im doing is impossible, leaving me to do things trial and error on my own"

If everyone is rude to you and everyone do not want you to succeed, why do you keep coming back to this forum to ask questions? You must have some serious issues when you keep behaving in such infantile manner every time people try to help you. The only thing that you accomplish is alienating everyone around you.

Just because you don't like the answers, that doesn't mean they are wrong. You are rude, immature, and ignorant, and apparently completely unwilling to exercise any effort to alter those aspects of your personality.

If you are too lazy or stupid to engage in your own research, then that it your problem. Quit complaining when people give you accurate information which doesn't fit your own preconceptions.

I loved it when you said that there was some conspiracy to trick you into thinking your seeds were not real. The people who gave you advice knew little about bananas. Bananas have seeds, every year millions of banana trees grow from seeds. They don't know this because they are used to eating bananas grown for the western markets where the plants have been bred to shrink the seeds and render them infertile. The seeds are easy to plant, just give them lots of water, heat and sunlight. At first growth is slow, but then they rocket up. Depending on the bred you could have bananas anywhere form 3 months to 1 year from now.

I know quite a lot about growing things. I have eaten bananas in New Zealand, Singapore, Madeira and Lanzerotte the UK and almost all of the European continuant and they never have seeds. The plant grown as I said sterile fruit as do many commercial plants, grapes, oranges, etc.

HOWEVER this does not mean the fruit does not have seeds nor that it can not be grown from that seed.

Once fruited the plant will die but normally produce several shoots from the base of the main plant. In the plantation system of cultivation, only one of the offshoots will be allowed to develop in order to maintain plant spacing - They do not grow from seed for comercial sale.

well the fact i live in "banana country" and 100km north or south, i dont recall, i went past an acerage banana farm proves the climate here is aceptable.

thanks for the videos and links.
foolish sage, i have that exact banana species, i dont really mind though, with continued growth a neighbor of mine back a few years ago in the NT was able to get such a banana, to grow very few and small seeds, from a wild one. anyway, thanks everyone!

Liked your coil winder it should have gotten more views.


I'm afraid I don't know much about growing bananas but this video seems to be quite comprehensive: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GaU0W4wd79M
Good luck :)