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how do i hack pc time limit? Answered

I want it off and i dont wanna install any other programs than resource hacker.








i enjoy

my game


I have found a legit way to hack/bypass the software called PC Time Limit! The first thing one has to do is to uninstall PC Time Limit from your computer. I understand that some people have their Control Panel disabled and therefor cannot uninstall a software. Therefor I suggest Revo Uninstaller which is a program that will uninstall a software without the use of the regular Control Panel. After you have uninstalled the program the problem still persists but you now have access to the Task Manager and Control Panel. So, when your time has run out you will automatically be logged off but just log back on and press Ctrl + Alt + C (This will gain you some time). Then go to your Task Manager and under processes terminate the process (I can't remember the name) which has the description PC Time Limit or something similar. You will have to do this every time you log in but hey, you have a free computer! I hope it works!

 Hi! I'm hungarian and I speak english just a little bit, but my father tried to limit me with PC Time Limit.

If you have administrator account, just change your username. If you haven't administrator account: when you logged in: immediatley start to hit the AltGr+C combination (that calls pctimelimit info pad before it starts) and PC Time Limit will be frozen. A window will come up with error message - don't press OK!

whats is the Gr?

Ive figured it out i went on the main admin in safe mode and made a guest account!Too bad my brothers ratted me out lolz but i took it off in front of them then put it back on.

format the hard drive and install linux.

parental controlls? bypass the password

Tigh but im restricted to task manager, plus my father knows alot about computers.Ive tried tricking him wit keyloggers and stuff.How could i bypass the password without programs?Plus ive tried ending the process it says access denied

Instructables has a wide variety of ways you can bypass the password...

if a step fails try next one go explain to your parents that you are mature enough to not have them force their crap on you discuss this with a friend and let him help you convince parents go to the trash and find yourself a good pentium 3 (or 2). put it in your room and move the internet to it format the hell outta the family computer and install it your way. most computer tech guys are not familiar with linux and how to deal with it - advantage for you boot a linux cd and surf from it. none of the stuff installed on the computer will affect you. none of what you do will leave any traces on the computer go surf at a friends home. btw if youre allready there you may find something more interesting to do