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how do i increase the voltage of a 9 volt battery to 12 volts ? Answered


how do i increase the voltage of a 9 volt battery to 12 volts ?

here's the part u might want

Max1771 12V Step-up DC-DC
should run abt 5 bucks. more than that u gettin ripped off.

u can use a step up voltage regulator. can be bought at radio shack or my favorite place, ebay.

Im building a tee shirt cannon that is going to have a 12 volt solenoid valve

Go for the 2 x 9 volt battery idea. A 12 Volt solenoid valve won't get too hot using the 18 volts applied. Besides the solenoid will draw enough current so that the batteries won't be able to source 18 Volts for long, perhaps only a few seconds, before the voltage falls towards 12 Volts (internal resistance and current capacity of the batteries determines this). Your main concern will be just how long the valve is going to be in operation and battery life. Try it out and see if the results are acceptable. You won't damage the solenoid.

I shouldn't worry, this is a purely pulse dutycycle - I doubt it'll be on for one second in 120.


if you want 12 volts and no more, unlike the rest of the comments here, put a 9v battery in series with two 1.5V AA batteries.

Nuts and Volts magazine offers a kit to do exactly this. It's a DC-to-DC Converter Kit.  Use it to get +12V and -12V from a 9V battery.

It was featured in the March 2009 issue here:

The kit is $39.95 for non-subscribers ($37.49 for subscribers).

Call 1-800-783-4624 or visit www.nutsvolts.com to order.

Or you could also use something like this:

And several other options from Jameco can be seen in this search (where I specified an input voltage of 9VDC and output of 12VDC):

I agree Two 9v batteries in series Would make 18 v and the solenoid valve would be used for 0.1 of a second near enough . it shouldnt do too much damage if any !

but you could wire two up and use  a 12v regulator! it would be alot simpler that way

For that kind of pulse duty, you'd get good results banging the valve with 2x 9v in series - the 18V will sure snatch that valve open for you.

You need a boosting switch mode converter. What are you trying to do ?