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how do i keep dry in the rain if i dont have a unbrela? Answered

i dont have a unbrla and i only have a shirt and its rely cold and im tring to keep dry and im not at home im at school so what do i do



Best Answer 9 years ago

Does your school have a daily/weekly newspaper? You could use one of those as a makeshift umbrella.

Do you know someone that can give you a ride? People can be nicer than you might expect.

Do you have to go between multiple buildings? Walking through buildings will keep you dry, even if you aren't taking the shortest route somewhere.

Are there any banana tress nearby? Gigantic leaves = umbrella.

Are you near a Lost and Found? You might be able to claim a lost umbrella and/or warm clothing. Of course you should bring them back after you no longer need them and it isn't raining.

Are you going to end up somehwere with a change of clothes? I've been caught unprepared at school. If you can just stick it out until the end of the day, you can at least take solace in the fact that there's a warm shower waiting for you at home. You will be wet and cold for a bit, though.

If you are in an appropriate situation, you can remove your pants and shirt, bundle them up, then run where you need to go. Find a bathroom and dry off a bit and then put your dry clothes back on. Again, you will still get cold/wet for a little bit.

Drink lots of water. This won't help you stay dry, obviously, but it can help prevent you from getting sick because of being out in the wet/cold.

Try the "Engineer's Raincoat": Beg a big (clean!) trash bag from the janitor. Cut a slit in the bottom big enough to poke your head through. Wear it like a poncho. If you want your arms free, make a slit in each side seam big enough for your arms to poke through. Your head will still get wet, but you can make a bonnet from a plastic shopping bag -- just put it over your head and tie the handles under your chin. None of this will look nice, but you'll be less wet!


9 years ago

how about make your own portable, easy to keep, and small sized rain coat? or just buy it somewhere and pack into your school bag. then. no worries if the rain are coming. or maybe.. find something that will not get wet like.. a book that have a thick/thin plastic laminated cover. then, use it like an umbrella. hope that will help a little. well, have a nice day.

did you try staying inside the school? i think most schools have roofs...

ummm..... do you have an umbrella at hand? I hear those work better then those silly unbrelas.