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how do i keep pests away from my vermicompost pile? Ex: mice,snakes,racoons? Answered

im young and trying to start vermiomposting at school and at home. i have to garantee all the adults that they wont have any problems with pests. it an be indoors or out doors. i get their support only when i have ways to prevent mice and other pests. i really want to do this because i know it makes soil faster and our school goes through a lot of scraps.


The easiest thing to do is make a wood box out of thicker pieces of wood, and large enough for your schools needs. Use construction adhesive as well as screws for the base and four walls to ensure that there are no gaps or holes. For added protection, you can line the entire box with a fine mesh metal screen. It'll ensure that nothing gets in or out. Then for the top, make a recessed lid like shown in the diagram I made for you and add a couple hinges to the back and a pad lock hasp on the front. Use a key lock and get a few extra keys made to be kept at the office or with a teacher. Line the lid with the same fine mesh metal screen and you shouldn't have any problems with any pest, or anybody getting inside. Then just use a collection bin for food scraps within the school and add them daily to your compost bin outside. You'll want to use a shovel and cover the scraps with soil. That way there isn't nearly as much odor to even attract pest in the first place.



The fine mesh screen is important for keeping out flies, bees, and snakes. A big box of mulch can be an attractive place to nest.

I had a bunch of calls for bumblebees nesting in the compost back when I was a volunteer bumblebee consultant/relocator. We frequently had garter snakes hanging out in the nice warm compost bins at our old house, but they were welcome visitors.


6 years ago

Snakes are not attracted to any kind of scraps but they are attracted to places where there are mice because they eat the mice. So the snakes would keep the mouse population down. Raccoons on the other hand can be a problem. So might stray dogs. An electric fence works wonders for stopping those kinds of animals. If you are talking about a fairly big spot of ground and not just a little pile, you can put a 3 foot high multiple wire electric fence around it and it will keep the bigger animals out. It would also keep people out and you can hang a sign up warning not to mess with the fence. Get a cat or 2 to take care of the small pests and you should be in good shape. If you can't get a cat then use a mechanical mouse trap and put it inside the fence.