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how do i know if a girl likes me/ how do i get her to like me? Answered




To get her to like you about the best you can do is to let her know that you're interested.  If that doesn't work then you're pretty much out of luck.

It's more true than not. You can't really "make" anyone do anything. You can only give them a chance to like you.

I know that u can't " make " anyone like u but what I mean is that ur not really out of luck if they say no. just ask them out to do something like go to the movies or something similar

If they say no then they mean no. Once in a great while they say no but want you to ask them again but that's very very seldom.

If you keep asking then you just a pest or a pervert.

Erm...you can't get anyone to like you...that is, they will or they won't. Be yourself and if you're compatible and she finds she has feelings for you, then you get your wish.

One truth that people learn as they grow older is that time is precious, and spending one's life trying to get others to like them is unproductive and often just leads to sadness. Find those who like you for yourself, don't seek to make others like you. It's a much smoother path, and far less bitter.

To get good friends, of either gender, be a good friend.

To find out if someone likes you, ask them. Or ask indirectly -- invite them to join you in doing something.