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how do i logon to windows xp professional without knowing what the admin password is? Answered

 I have been given a computer from a school, but they haven't given me the user information (this was last year). I have tried using administrator as the username and leaving the field blank but i am not getting on


1.Use the built-in administrator account which you can logon without password in safe mode.It was built when you install your system and its password default as blank.Press ctrl+alt+delete twice in the welcome screen and you can see a classical logon dialog box,type administrator and press Enter.Or you can press F8 when you start/restart your computer to select start from safe mode.

2.If the two methods above cannot help you,you can find a recovery tool.As far as I know, there are many password tools on the network, but I have used is "Windows password rescuer professional 3.0" ,it is simple and safe that the average person will use it. It can soon reset the password in several minutes.Only four steps can help you reset the lost Windows password:
Step 1: Download Windows Password Rescuer and install it to another computer.
Step 2: Run it and burn it to a bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive.Before this confirm that you have insert a CD/DVD or USB.
Step 3: BIOS setting:Setup your own computer boot from CD or USB.Press F2 or DELETE when you start/restart your PC to get into the BIOS SETUP list.Use arrow keys to select boot manu,and use +/- key to move the CD/DVD or USB option to the first site.Then inset the CD/DVD or USB you have just created. Press F10 to save and exit.
Step 4: Reset Windows password: Wait for a moment,it will display friendly operate window,and you can reset whichever password on it.


8 years ago

Ask the school! Why would they have given it to you with no login info?

You don't. Call the school and ask for some help from their IT department, or if by "gave" you literally mean they gave it to you (as in surplus equipment), then consider reinstalling Windows. XP licenses are, to the best of my knowledge, still available.

Try "admin".  If that doesn't work then g00gle "reset admin password" and follow the instructions.

Hey, are you sure the school gave you the computer?

They should have given you the password: ask them for it.
That's a very obvious, completely sensible answer.