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how do i lower the milliamps in my adjustable adaptor? Answered

it seems i need to lower the milliamps, currently at 1500, in my adjustable adaptor in order to run a small dc motor that usually runs with a rechargeable 2.6v battery. i think the ohm rating was 006.5 but im not sure.

im trying to test these motors without having to bother to charge up loads of batteries all the bloody time.
but i cant test them accurately as the motors run alot faster when plugged into the mains using the adaptor.

what do you think is the best solution?




5 years ago

Here is a simple 1.5 amp 1.2v to 33v supply.
and you can find a voltage and current regulator in the PDF.
that is more complex..



You definitely need an adjustable regulator to power them, look for a simple circuit based on the LM317 if you can, like this one.


The 1500 mA rating is the maximum the adaptor can supply, if the motors need less, they will only draw as much current as they need. If the adaptor is already putting out 2.6V, you can directly connect the motors to it. If the supply voltage is too high, a simple adjustable voltage regulator will be fine for small motors.