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how do i make a 12V electrical motor stronger? Answered

im trying to make a batteryless die, and im now in the process of wrapping a plastic tube with copper wire, but after 200 times around, ive had enough (i need 2500!!!) so i decided to use a motor to do the hard work (wich would be faster also :D)
so, i made a motor thats steadier, added a switch and a 9V battery, but it went to fast, with not enough power, resulting in ALOT of wire used, wich wasnt wrapped tight enough against the tube.
so, i tried holding it with my hand to slow it down, but again, its not strong enough to pull the wire on strong enough.

so, in a nutshell i need the motor stronger, not faster. like adding more horsepower instead of kilometers/hour...


the wire i use is 0.3 MM
i dont see that wooden block working, but maybe holding it by hand...
il have to figure out a way to hold the tube from the inside.

this is a good idea :D
just going to use some scrap stuff, but it should work :D
especially with a geared dremel of something...

Yeah, you might have to tweak just a bit, but the concept is workable. Steve's Erector/Meccano idea could be very workable, if you can torque up the motor a bit. I seem to recall some belts/pulleys in my old set that would have worked very well for this purpose.

ive made this, attached a dremel and it works great!
good thing i made photo's during the build going to instructablize it :)
its a simple thing, made from all kind of scrap stuff, and u can build it in under an hour :D

Excellent! I'm looking forward to the instructable, and thanks for the "Best".

im gonna go further on it in an hour or two, and np, i give it to the one that deserves it most :)

If you want to use the motor you have you need a way to gear it down.  Put a piece of rubber tubing on the shaft and put the shaft against the outside of your tubing.  THat would gear it down some.

I like the idea of using an electric screwdriver or drill.

i dont get the picture, u mean a rubber band, over the dremel, that turns something that is connected to the tube?

You could do it that way.  A pulley on the dremel and and large pulley on the tube.   or you can use friction and put the shaft of the dremel against the outside of the tube and drive it that way.  It would gear it down some.

im gonna try that winding jig first, if it doesnt work, il try your concept

An electric screw driver.... they go plenty slow enough and have loads of torque. Someone you know must have one.

yeah, my father has one, but it still goes to fast. sort of...

i made it the lowest setting, and its one of those types that when u push harder it goes faster, but its VERY hard to keep a steady speed, especially that slow...


8 years ago

Try using a variable speed drill.  It should have more than enough torque to do the job.

i have a dremel, but the lowest speed on that alreay goes to fast...