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how do i make a beer bottle into a cup? Answered

I really like the look of beer bottles reworked into drinking glasses. how does one go about breaking the glass and making the edges less dangerous? also, a wine bottle into a jug would be neat to... any suggestions?


Ceramic tile circular saw with 'diamond blade'. There's an example of one on youtube. We're about to buy one ourselves. We'll report later.

Fill the bottle with cold water, wind a cotton cord around your bottom as your score line, drizzle kerosene on it, light it, and presto-boom, the glass will break at the score line

This was all "the rage" during the mid 1970s.

In fact, they used to sell a gadget that simplified the process. Basically a V-groove holder/cradle for the bottle with a glass cutter that swung down against the side of the bottle.

I just checked EBAY, and sure enough, found one immediately

Ye old time bottle cutter

As Re-design suggests, round off the cut edges using sandpaper or emery cloth (sand paper will wear thru too easily ime)


8 years ago

I dont know if this would work but id try a dremel cut off disk....it cuts through pretty much anything..ive cut through rusted steel bolts and locks with them... and then you can get a bit for the dremel allowing you to engrave a design in the glass. Cutting is easy..just make a line and follow it. ENGRAVING IS NOT EASY...it will take practice but can look VERY nice.

Use a glass cutter to score a cut around the edge where you want it cut. Take a long bolt and thread a couple of nuts on the end. Put on gloves and eye protection. Put the bolt into the beer bottle and tap the nuts on the inside of the scored lines. eventually it will break ususally on the line. Use some sand paper to smooth the cut edge. I did this a long time ago when I first got to drinking age and made a bunch of drinking glasses out of thick green wine bottles. If it doesn't break like you want then just try again.