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how do i make a bolt action semi-auto knex gun wthout many pieces ( i need the mechanizm, ill make the rest)? Answered

i need an idea for a semi-auto knex bolt action gun mechanizm...please make it simple...all i realy need is the trigger to 1.Block the ram so you can shoot when you want 2.pull the ram back 3. act like a true trigger


A Bolt-Action Semi-Automatic? That is perhaps the most headdesk inducing piece of text I have ever read, to say nothing of the composition of said block of text. I'm not even sure what you're actually asking.

build my pistol its pin action has a true trigger and can easily be modded note just build the barrel and trigger

you cant make it bolt action and semi auto at the same time.

like darth gecko man said not semi auto semi autos when you pull the trigger to fire and check the spiff for the gun you metioned

That's not semi auto.