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how do i make a cigarette rolling machine? Answered



Molten Boron

9 years ago

You will need:
2 5-gallon buckets
8 feet of 2x4 lumber
24 Wood screws
3 pulleys
25 feet of nylon rope
A jackhammer
A bandsaw
A CNC Mill and appropriate software
Wood glue
Circuit perf board
soldering iron
3 feet of electrical wiring
spare outlet plug
2 capacitors, 2500 uF
1 resistor, 1 kOhm
1 resistor, 50kOhms
1 motor rated at between 10 - 100 watts
1 bridge rectifier, or 4 diodes (BC107)
Your own website
A good insurance policy
A good lawyer
A bank account in Switzerland, Moscow, or (if possible) Rwanda
Cocoa powder (for taste)

Sell all the stuff and put the money into your overseas bank accounts. Change your identity and speak only the local language for the rest of your life.
Then send a formal letter to a famous cigarette-making company asking to purchase one of their cigarette rolling machines. It should arrive (in the U.S.) in six to eight weeks.


9 years ago

Take a dollar bill.
Hold it by the end with the length pointing away from you.
Make a recess to fit the rolling paper in.
Place the rolling paper in the recess.
Fill the rolling paper with you choice of smoke.
Fold the rolling paper over to cover you  smoke.
Roll the assembly back and forth between you thumbs and index fingers to tighten.
Carefully remove your bolt and lick the edge of the paper to seal it.
Repeat until your pack if full.