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how do i make a connection from a video camera to a tv? could i use a old wireless phone set? (not that old)? Answered

basically im making something like what the kid did in home alone 3 but in a lot much larger scale and i want a way to connect a video camera to this thing


video cam goes through an old vcr would be the easiest way because the vcr has video inputs OR use a modulator you can find @ radio shack

You wouldn't be able to make it wireless by using the phones, You could just simply place the camera on window sill pointing out to where it is needed and connect to a tv, if you would like this to be wireless you would have to buy a wireless AV sender.

If your going to be filming with-out consent make sure to put up a cctv sign!

Could you elaborate? I'm not sure what you mean (didn't see HA3) Shawn