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how do i make a fuelless generator? Answered

I mean a generator that runs on free energy source


Hi guys I am very interested in this question. Electrically you cant run the generator without a primary source of motion. We need primary motion to get power out put from the alternator windings. But there is a way which I am personally working on it and it is not a scam I am talking about. I have not succeeded yet. Work in progress.If my project is successful then I would come out to public.

I have a question I guess! I what to do something along the line of putting together material that would create a fuel less generator meaning one that can make it own electric to run a electric motor that in turn turns a generator that can put out 3 times the energy i is at my house. I have a 100 amp service i.e. two legs each set at 120 giving you 240v I think coming into the house. Again I think I am sure of the 100 amp service.

My thinking in a very limited way is this 3 possible ways either that setup (electric motor) or one that I use a wind driven method or 3 a motor that runs on (water). I like the first and second. But water is a good idea to. Bottom line I would like to talk more with someone that has the electrical knowledge i.e. On the phone or thru emails. I have many question can any one guide me in the right direction who I might me able to speak with. My contact email is sammydexterrobbie@yahoo.com if some one can help.

I am some one trying to do this but no knowledge of any thing like this can you please send me step by step and what to get in English lol I am a woman' on disability can't afford electric and every one told me this is impossible my Grandfather built a engine that ran on air so nothing is imposible

I believe that many of you have taken the question too litteral and I expect that the asker has used the term "Free Energy" in the sense of not having to pay in currency.

There are numerous ways of generating "Free Energy" depending on various factors such as your application needs, startup capital, efficiency requirements, etc.

The most common free energy sources are Solar and Wind powered generation, though these will surely require a large startup capital and be less efficient for powering a large scale application.

Jayefuu and lemonie gave the best answers sofar. seandogue's suggestion isn't bad as well, though it won't be sustainable enough in continuos applications that require a constant power source.

The most efficient way to generate power, I've seen sofar, is known as Induction Generation. The How-To can be found here: http://www.qsl.net/ns8o/Induction_Generator.html and http://www.arthropodsystems.com/AsynchronousGenerator1/AsynchronousGenerator1.html

Inducion Generation requires the least amount of startup capital and technical know-how and is definitely the most efficient, low maintenance way to generate "Free Energy".

I've tried and tested the system myself and found that I can easily generate enough power to run most appliances around the house, without the need for external "On-Grid" power. So much so, that I'm planning to make an affordable, commercialized version of my designs to be implemented in rural areas in my country.

Also, I found this:

A Fuelless generator is a generator that generate electricity without using fuel (petrol or diesel). It is not an inverter, solar system or wind energy and it does not depend on nature whatsoever.

I reside in Africa where people don't have access to constant electricity, and the nature of my business as a studio operator requires that I have power always.

So I went online to research and I got a solution. I was able to convert my 5KVA generator to a fuelless generator in less than 3 hours.

The components I used are 24 volt DC motor, an alternator, a capacitor, a diode and cables.

I got all the information from this site: www.howtoproducefuellessgenerators.blogspot.com

You can check it out for detail information.

All "Generators" are really just converters. They convert one form of energy to electricity. In this sense any generator needs something to convert from, and could be considered a "fuel". Any local source of energy can be converted, it's just a question of how efficiently you can do the conversion and is that energy reliable or not.

+1.  I also sensed something funny about the semantics of this "fuelless generator" question.  How to make a generator without fuel?  Without a source of thermodynamically available input energy of some kind?

Might as well ask how to make an omelet without eggs.

I've always considered it apt that "fuelless" sounds like "foolish". Not calling the querent foolish -- it's a reasonable question even if the answer is "you can't" -- but the folks who insist that they've found a way to create one are either fooling themselves or running a scam.

As others have noted, there are "free" energy sources (solar, wind, waves, geothermal...) but that isn't what's usually meant by fuelless.

Using your own muscle power, although one could easily argue that nothing is free.

If you live near a river you can use water power or near the ocean go for wave power.

Solar power is free - a Stirling engine can turn the heat into rotary motion to drive a generator. Methane digester for human - animal or vegetable waste round here they give horse manure away. Most Diesel engines will run on waste cooking oil if you can get a free supply. Wave power on a small scale should not be beyond a determined DIY engineer Wind power is well documented. Depending on your location and resources geothermal energy is a possibility. Live at the top of a hill? The going down is free!

Some kind of bike generator setup? http://scienceshareware.com/bike_gen.htm