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how do i make a generator? Answered


get a small DC motor.  If it has permanent magnets inside... all you
need to do is SPIN the shaft of the motor.... electricity will come OUT
of the motor when you spin the shaft....!!! you have made a generator.
connect a small LED diode to the motors wires.  When you spin the
motor, the led should illuminate.  If you spin the motor the wrong way,
it might burn out the LED because LED's MUST be connected for
proper polarity... also if you spin the motor TOO FAST, it might burn out
the LED because  you must provide a SERIES RESISTANCE to the LED
to limit amperes.  But.... i am off the subject already.  sorry.

Organize a way to move a coil of wire through a magnetic field, or move a magnetic field around a coil of wire...

More coils and or more rpm = more voltage.
Bigger wire and bigger magnets = more amperage.

you'll at the very minimum need a piece of wire and a magnet.  Hook the wire to a multimeter, and wiggle it near the magnet - you will get some voltage.  Coil up the wire around a pencil (etc) and wiggle it near the magnet, you'll get more voltage.