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how do i make a homemeade dungeons and dragons board and figures using cardboard and paper? Answered

i have no money "whatsoever at all under any circumstances" but i do have a load of craft supplies but i have no glue but staples and tape i use to compenstae things with --My question is;is there anybody willing to tell me how i can make my own cardboard Dungeons and Dragons board and paper chacters "i dont even have dice but i have made those from paper/cardboard while watching lord of the rings this morning"it is really boring here in east tenneessee where i live and me and my friends are looking forward to your response "Please someone anwser this one and give me good anwsers please i have picked instructables community because almost everyone here is nicer than family :D thanx a million!?.....ps:i have all the handbooks and stuff ive downloaded and whatnot i am surei have them all after 2 years of searching yeah im sure...


Im sorry, i suggest you go to DungeonsandDragons.com and print the stuff youre lookin for

i feel bad for u im from west TN my suggestion is to draw maps on cardboard,go on ebay and buy the monster vault for 20$ or cheaper, or draw faces on pieses of paper.i buy all my stuff on ebay because im from westTN

I don't know what your situation is now or if your circumstance have changed: or even if you still play: I see your post is from 2009! But if you are ready to kick it up to the next level, check out these sites!

www.ddo.com - Play D&D Online for FREE

www.3d-dungeon-tiles.com - Free downloads of 3D buildings & D&D Tiles

www.worldworksgames.com - Pay site for Higher quality fantasy / Sci-fi sets

Take care!

OK, Wizard744 Your story has touched my heart: I have been an avid D&D player since the early 80's : I didn't have a whole lot of money as a kid either and I want to help you and your friends out: I have folding map boards, extra dice set and a few extra Miniatures I can send to you and your friends: No charge. Just see that they get a good home and good use.

Email me at John00065@AOL.com

Note that if you're playing D&D; properly, any board is just a convenience to help the players visualize the situation. What really matters is what's going on between the player's ears. It's a storytelling game; the rules are there to help you tell the story, and the gamemaster may make something different happen if it makes the story better.

100% agreed - it doesn't need to look fancy, but a lot of people need help visualizing how far away groups of enemies are, where your mates are, etc.

your best bet is to find a secondhand D&D; map (I have a software that generates maps. it cost me $2.) print out the maps, make cardboard characters, then print out little figures you designed on your computer. glue said figurines onto the cardboard cutouts.

a convenient board for D&D; is 1 inch squares marked on any surface - something you can roll up is convenient... Then make patterns that fit on top of the board in 1 inch squares, then draw patterns on them - pillars (1x1), larger pillars (2x2), buildings of every shape, walls that are very thin to separate dungeons. Craft supplies make it easy to have cool looking stuff. Most of these lay flat and have a picture on top of what they are... If you want to be really sneaky you can make them 3 dimensional - but they still have to fit in the 1 inch squares. It's been forever, and several revisions since I played :S characters are usually a 1x1 square with 'something' standing on top - thats up to you. google 'online graph paper generator' if you want to make some 1 inch square grids to start with- colour them in as you wish after they are printed and cut out.

thank you so much and for anybody else with additional information i would still like to see but i pretty much got it now THANKS!!!!!!