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how do i make a knex gun? Answered



What I would do is build several of the things here. And then use some of their ideas and add them to some frame. Over time you will get better. Many of my guns in the beginning weren’t any good but don’t get discouraged. Hope this helps.

This is how I make a gun. 1- I get an idea 2- I build the idea 3- I build a gun around the idea 4- I mod the gun to work well and save parts.

what I would do is have a look at a simple pistol first. then look at the inside and mechanics of how it works then try to make the mechanics of it then make the outside.hope this helps with your creations.

I used my immaganation and looked at real guns on google

On my first gun. I started out with a trigger system of a gun and built the K'NEX gun around it. K'NEX guns usually consist of a system that holds back some kind of pressure and is then released when you pull the trigger.