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how do i make a puppy diaper? Answered

how in the world do i make a puppey diaper because some time's she go on the floor which is obvisly gross and ment by he goes he pees on the floor and then i have to clean all up and hes to young to go outside in the cold backyard and do her bussiness so i need help from u guys and hopely girls to help come up with a solution WINNER SHALL RECIVE A PRICE A TRIP TO HOLLY WOOD WELL NO NOT REALY BUT TI THE FUN OF doin ti conuts not the prize.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Part of the problem is that you are confused as the whether he is a he or she is a she and if you're that confused then the poor dog probably is also.

Take the dog out every half hour or so until thay learn what going outside means and then watch for your dog to tell you when they need to go out.  Let them sleep in a kennel or crate so they learn not to go in the house.  It's the perfect training method.

Doggy diapers are not a substitute for training.

Cut A Tail Hole In The Back Of A Diaper

You can condition the puppy by regular habits, like Pavlav's theory. Unlike humans the animals act on instinct and it can be trained to give you a signal. Pets do obey the master's call when properly trained.

You can get absorbent mats and teach/train them to use those. Ask in a pet-shop.